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To create the ideal website you first need to get inside the head of the average visitor. If you work on the basis of them having a short attention span, being easily distracted and very demanding then you have a good starting point for developing your site!

On the whole, surfers are an impatient bunch. If your website takes too long to load they'll be off in search of the next one, and your site won't even be looked at however much thought and effort you put into it. If they do stay with your site long enough for it to load, unless they can see immediately that it's going to give them exactly what they're looking for ... yes, that's right, they'll be off again clicking the next one on the list!

So, what does this tell us? It means that the perfect site must be ...


quick to load
... easy to navigate
... intuitive
... logical
... informative ... and, of course,
... good to look at

But there are other factors to take into consideration when planning your site. It needs to be tailored to attract your target audience and it must convey the image you want to project to the world. Ideally, your website should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Think of it as another marketing tool - but with one great advantage. You can use your website to capture the details of visitors to your site ... information that enables you to contact them immediately using an auto-responder and also allows you to build a database of potential customers for use in the future.

Your website represents your company 24 hours a day throughout the whole world. For many people, your website may be the only contact they have with your company and the reality is that they will make snap judgements about your entire organisation based purely on their experience of visiting your website. We can help make sure that the experience is a positive one that will turn visitors into customers ...

company intranet sites
corporate internet sites
e-commerce sites


Website planning, design and creation including:

user requirement analyses
structure diagrams
concept, planning and design
graphic design
image manipulation and optimisation
search engine placement
domain name registration


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