Exhibition & Display

Two seconds. That's all the time you have. If your exhibition stand hasn't grabbed the attention of somebody walking past in this short space of time, they'll walk on by and your opportunity to sell to them will be lost.

Exhibition stands come in many guises, but whether it's a pop-up stand at a local recruitment fair or an industry stand at a trade show yours must be the one that catches the eye if it is to be effective.

So, how can you achieve this? The first thing we can help you to do is define your target audience. Once we know who you want to attract we can design your stand so that the image, shape, look, feel, flavour and impact will appeal to their senses and force them to notice you. Your stand will:

step 1 ...

stop them as they pass

step 2 ...

hold their attention long enough for them to scan the stand for signs of its relevance and interest

step 3 ... attract them onto the stand with the intention of finding out more about you

Now all you have to do is turn them into customers!

Whichever style is right for your purpose we can take your ideas from concept to completion and create a stand that will be exciting, eye-catching and the one that stands out from the crowd ...

shell schemes
custom made stands
  ... and more
We also supply:

photography and image manipulation
presentation videos
graphic panels
and provide many support services including:

stand management
hosts and entertainers
audio-visual equipment
floral decoration and stand dressings
costumes and corporate clothing
promotional merchandise


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