Employee Communications

Change is a constant part of company life. Do you plan the release of information to your employees ... or do you leave it to the grapevine? If you do leave things to chance, you could be playing a dangerous game. Misinformation spread through gossip and rumours can be difficult enough to dispel but, worse still, if you fail to inform your employees properly about changes that affect their legal obligations, you could find yourself in trouble in court.

Employment law is continually evolving. These days it's no longer enough that a company's HR department or legal advisors understand the changes ... the onus is now very much on employers to show that their employees are aware of them too. And making sure that your employees are fully informed is the best way to protect yourself should a dispute arise that results in litigation. We have the skills and resources needed to 'translate' the legal wording of legislation and present it in a format that is clear and understandable for your employees.

But companies are continually changing too. Whether it's a change in working practices, a company restructure or simply a desire to redefine your corporate policies and procedures, we can help you take the initiative and choose the best method for releasing the information. This way, not only will you stay in control - you will actually improve the chances of a positive reaction to the news.

We have the skills to communicate any message to your employees. A well-informed workforce feels motivated, interested and involved. And this sense of 'ownership' brings commitment to your corporate goals.

Whatever it is that you need to say, we can help you make sure they hear it from you first through ...

newsletters and bulletins
employee briefing sheets
handbooks and manuals
contracts of employment
induction programmes
consultation programmes
policies and procedures
posters, notices and signs
information display stands
intranet sites
  ... and more


We can also produce:

conferences and seminars
awards presentations
corporate videos
multimedia presentations
and provide:

on-going HR support


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