Conference Management

A well produced conference runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine ... if you've planned it carefully. Live events such as conferences and product launches have the power to excite and inspire, but you only have one opportunity to get them right on the day. The key to success lies in meticulous planning and attention to detail.

However, the kind of planning that is needed to cover every eventuality requires a depth of knowledge and expertise that only comes with years of experience. Whether it's a conference for 2,000 delegates or a seminar for 6, whether it's a spectacular launch or a sober presentation - we have the experience. And rest assured that the tight control we keep on the project management means we always deliver within your budget.

We can organise your entire event or simply handle as many of the elements as you need to ensure your peace of mind ...

product launches
awards ceremonies
  ... and more
We also arrange:

venue sourcing
accommodation and travel
themed events
and provide many support services including:

creative set design and realisation
35mm slide production
PowerPoint presentations
a/v openers and links
'instant' audios
video recording
library music sourcing
music composition
script writing
motivational speakers
celebrity speakers
delegate packs and badges


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